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Plastic Tray SMALL DOG

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Plastic Tray SMALL DOG

Plastic Tray SMALL DOG - $59.00 $59.00

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 Keep in mind the small size Fresh Patch comes in own disposable tray and does not require any additional accessories which is sufficient for 95% of customers. Thanks

 The Plastic Tray Small Dog is a great option if you are not go to use the functional cardboard box.

The box the Fresh Patch Small Dog comes in has a double water resistant coating,  is fully disposable  and suitable for most applications. How  ever we can not  guarantee the disposable tray  is 100% leak proof in all situations. Some customers and situations require  a solid plastic tray. The Plastic Tray SMALL DOG is designed to accommodate the Fresh Patch Small Dog grass pad 600mm x 400mm.  The grass is easily removed from the cardboard box and inserted in the plastic tray. 

The tray is helpful if:

1.  Your dog chews on the cardboard box

2.  Your Fresh Patch is being used outdoors exposed to rain 

3.  Your dog needs a lower profile for entrance into the unit

4. Your Fresh Patch is being used over Carpet, timber floors or a surface sensitive to moisture and condensation.



The Fresh Patch Mini (16" x 12" inches), Fresh Patch Standard (16" x 24" inches), and Fresh Patch Large (24" x 24" inches) come in a fully functional, waxed cardboard box.  Simply remove the lid and place the unit in your pet's designated potty area. 

Fresh Patch XL
The Fresh Patch XL (2' x 4' feet) is recommended for pets more than 30 lbs and for multi-pet households.
The Fresh Patch XL comes rolled up in a box -- It does not come with a functional box (we recommend purchasing one of our custom trays).

We recommend replacing your Fresh Patch every 1-4 weeks depending on the size of your pet and how frequently the product is being used.
We have plans offering delivery every weekevery (2) weeksevery (3) weeks and every (4) weeks.
Switching between plans is easy once you setup an account with us!

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