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Introduction to Fresh Patch Training

Welcome to Fresh Patch!

Getting Your Dog Accustomed to Fresh Patch

Reward Immediate Use

Many puppies and adult dogs instinctively take to Fresh Patch, so be ready to offer verbal praise and a treat immediately to reinforce the behavior.

Observe Use

Make sure you watch your dog the first few times he uses Fresh Patch. Some dogs may try to destroy the box and/or rip up the grass.  

Establish a Potty Routine

Establish and follow a routine. For example, take your puppy to potty on Fresh Patch after he wakes up in the morning, before and after meals, after playtime, after naps, and at bedtime. Puppies have small bladders and bowels and need to potty every 4 hours. If he doesn’t go within 5 minutes, try again in about 15 minutes. When successful, praise your dog enthusiastically and give him a treat.

Watch for Potty Time Sign

Between potty breaks, watch for signs your dog needs to go‐‐coming to a sudden halt, circling, sniffing in a dedicated manner, or dropping his bottom. If you do see him about to go, distract him and take him to his Fresh Patch as quickly as possible.

Leash Training

To associate the living grass of FRESH PATCH with the outdoors, walk your dog over to the Fresh Patch on a leash. When your dog goes, reward him with a brief walk outside. Use same verbal cues and treats as used outside. If that doesn’t work, walk your dog over to Fresh Patch whenever you bring him inside from a walk. Keep walking your dog at least once a day so he knows that Fresh Patch is not a substitute for a fun walk with you.

Attracting Your Dog with Scents

If your puppy/dog is having trouble, transfer his urine onto Fresh Patch using a paper towel; or try placing a piece of soiled pee pad under the grass pad in Fresh Patch.  Another method involves having a friend’s dog “go” on the Fresh Patch so your dog can get the hang of it. Repeat process if necessary. Pheromone sprays are also available in pet stores to attract dogs to potty spots.

Transitioning from Plastic Potties and Pee Pads

Dogs who use synthetic products may need time to transition to Fresh Patch. Place Fresh Patch near or on whatever synthetic products you are using, so your dog can understand its purpose. Once your dog uses Fresh Patch, remove the other products from use. Be patient. Doggie habits can be hard to break.

Training a Skeptical Dog

A very well trained dog may not believe he has your permission to use FRESH PATCH in the house.  Such a dog will need extra encouragement before he accepts that Fresh Patch has your seal of approval.

Dealing with "Not For Me" Dogs

Very rarely, a dog just won’t use Fresh Patch‐‐for whatever reason. If so, please contact us to discuss the problem. Remember that we will cancel your order at any time. While Fresh Patch can be great for most dogs, we recognize it may not work for all dogs.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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Fresh Patch 101

  •  For Fresh Patch products with a cover (Mini, Small), remove cover and retain for use at disposal time.   You may also tuck or nest the base tray into the cover/lid.  

  • For Large Dog Fresh Patch grass rolled up in shipping carton, remove and unroll grass. Lay grass flat using your own tray or mat, or a Fresh Patch Large Plastic Tray  (purchased separately).

      • Possible placement: patio or porch‐‐where your dog has used other potties or pads‐‐or near the door used when taking dog for walks. 
        • Avoid direct sunlight—whether placed inside or outside.
        • Our cardboard boxes are waxed for moisture protection, however, heavy rain will compromise the box.   If using the Fresh Patch outdoors we recommend purchasing one of our plastic trays
        •  Allow complex root structure to naturally absorb urine while controlling odors. 

        •  Remove and dispose of solid waste ASAP, just like when walking your dog

        •  NEVER pour water on grass.

          •  If very dry, MIST LIGHTLY and wait for grass to revive. Repeat misting if grass still looks dry

          STEP 4: DISPOSAL

            •  For Fresh Patch Mini and Fresh Patch Small: Replace cover on box and discard entire unit without removing soiled grass; wash hands. Replace old unit with new delivery.

            • For Large Dog Fresh Patch : Use plastic gloves (purchased separately) to roll‐up or fold‐up soiled grass. Place grass in garbage bag for disposal; remove gloves and wash hands.